Practitioner Testimonials

"I think the new cutting-edge nutritional biochemistry is very exciting — and that includes colostrum. The factors found in colostrum work together naturally to enhance the immune system, whereas single isolated components, such as interferon, are far more likely to have unwanted side effects, and are, at this time, extremely experimental in nature."

Nikki Marie Welch, MD

"As a naturopath, I have recommended colostrum to all my patients and am happy to say most are taking it regularly and agree about its benefits to their immune systems. I would recommend colostrum for everyone who seeks a stronger immune system."

Kate Montgomery, ND

"I am giving colostrum to hepatitis C patients. Within two months of starting a California patient on colostrum, his hepatitis viral load plummeted from 8 million to just 100. Since the patient did not take treatment with anything else, this is convincing proof to me that bovine colostrum works synergistically in a combined nutritional."

Dr. Hynes, ND

"Colostrum can restore bacterial harmony. With its growth factors, it can also heal the damaged cells throughout the intestinal tract. Healing this intestinal barrier is important since infectious pathogens (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi) and allergens can enter the body when it is in a compromised state."

Dr. Massner, DC

"My patient had staphylococcal infection, with numerous ulcer-type sores on her body. We placed her on double doses of colostrum, and natural zinc ointment. Within two days, the sores began to heal and in one week they were gone. She had visited a number of medical doctors who could not help her. Now her countenance has changed with joy and health restored."

Michael L. McCann, EdD, ND

"So, you take the patient who’s got chronic pain. They want to get off their opiates. The patient who has pain... they have chronic inflammation. What are we trying to do? We’re trying to resolve that inflammation. When I resolve that inflammation…their pain is going to be reduced."

Tom White, Pharmacist Clinician Albuquerque, NM