Marketing System

As a healthcare practitioner, you want the best possible health outcomes for your patients. As advocates of bovine colostrum, we want the same thing. With over twenty-five years of research and experience bringing bovine colostrum into the medical consciousness and to health-minded practitioners, Sovereign Laboratories is considered the colostrum expert. The immune and growth factors in colostrum are the missing link to health and are vitally important in healing and preventing leaky gut syndrome (LGS) and modulating inflammation within the body. LGS and inflammation go hand-in-hand and are the primary cause of allergies, autoimmune conditions, and other chronic health problems, all of which have exploded in numbers in the past few decades.

Pro-Colostrum-LD® Marketing

Sovereign Laboratories understands how difficult it can be for today’s medical providers to maintain financial solvency and security. Experts agree that passive income – making money while you’re asleep – is the pathway to true wealth. You may only see patients once or twice a year, reimbursement for services may be meager, and your time is finite. As a consumable product, PRO Colostrum-LD® provides ongoing income for you as well as ongoing health benefits for your patients.

Lastly, we know that most doctors aren’t salespeople and don’t want to become salespeople either. That’s why we’ve designed the Practice Enhancement Program (PEP)™ with a focus on educating office staff. They’ll be your salespeople, and Sovereign Laboratories will make certain that they’re effective at it. We’ll send monthly reports so you’ll know that patients are taking products regularly and the Practice Enhancement Program (PEP)™ is being optimized in your office. We’ll also monitor your program, so if your practice needs some extra help with implementation, we’ll follow-up with your office staff.

Practice Enhancement Program (PEP)™

As part of the Practice Enhancement Program (PEP)™, providers receive:

  • Top online positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing for Colostrum Therapy related keywords
  • Comprehensive marketing website that provides content on conditions treated with PRO Colostrum-LD™
  • Accurate geographic targeting to 5 neighborhoods, cities or counties
  • Monthly email newsletter distributed to your patient email list
  • Online course for provider and staff to become certified Colostrum Therapy Specialists
  • Access to a library of online information to address patient's needs and answer questions
  • Product brochures, waiting room displays, and other patient educational materials and videos