Colostrum Testimonials & Case Studies

PRO Colostrum-LD in the Treatment of Eczema & Molluscum Contagiosum

"I wanted to share with you the success I have been seeing my patients and in my family. It was a patient who actually shared your product with me, and after reading the information she shared, it made perfect sense. I started my daughter who has molluscum contagiosum and eczema on the Colostrum-IC spray several times a day and the LD powder (2 tablespoons) once or twice a day. In 10 days, her eczema and molluscum have improved by about 75%. We do not eat any wheat and I told her that if she did this she could eat wheat at birthday parties only. She ate wheat at a party after 10 days, and the eczema flared, but not the molluscum. I can tell that her body is healing!”
~ Rebecca Boyd, DO

PRO Colostrum-LD in the Treatment of Staphylococcal Infection

“My patient had staphylococcal infection, with numerous ulcer-type sores on her body. We placed her on double doses of colostrum, and natural zinc ointment. Within two days, the sores began to heal and in one week they were gone. She had visited a number of medical doctors who could not help her. Now her countenance has changed with joy and health restored."
~ Michael L. McCann, EdD, ND

Pharmacist Clinician Tom White of Albuquerque, New Mexico has developed a simple and effective testing protocol to demonstrate healing of intestinal permeability and decreased inflammation. When Tom first sees a patient, he measures five key metabolic and inflammatory markers – fasting glucose, A1C, insulin levels, C-reactive protein, and Interleukin-6. He then places patients on a daily supplementation regimen of Colostrum-LD® and repeats the test in 60 days. This pre and post testing protocol serves to demonstrate Colostrum-LD®’s efficacy to both healthcare provider and patient, and it lets Tom know that his patients are sticking to their daily supplementation. After 60 days on a Colostrum-LD® regimen, Tom sees a decrease in all five markers. Tom sums it up this way, “No matter what patient comes in, no matter what their problem is, they have a gut problem. Inflammation is your biggest problem no matter what your problem is. When you start solving inflammation, they’re going to live longer. They’re going to be healthier. If there was a silver bullet in medicine, the closest thing to it would be colostrum.”
~ Dr. Tom White

“I tend to believe that leaky gut syndrome is a major problem that a lot of people are dealing with. I think it’s so prevalent because we’re seeing so many insults… anti-inflammatory medications like NSAIDs, overuse of antibiotics, pesticides, toxins, alcohol, and just our stressful lifestyles… really do damage to our gut. When we identify that there is likely leaky gut going on, we need to try and repair and restore and fix the gut lining. I recommend bovine colostrum really for two kinds of patients. One type of patient is the patient that has some type of immune dysfunction because there are so many wonderful immune balancing and supportive nutrients in the colostrum. I would use this in patients with autoimmune disease. We’re also using it a lot more in patients with a chronic infection because it does seem to modulate the immune system. The other kind of patient we use this for are those that need the repairing and rebuilding side of the colostrum. So, this is actually really useful for athletes and anti-aging purposes.”
~ Weston “Wiggy” Saunders, MD

Kate Montgomery, ND has been using colostrum in her practice ever since she experienced first-hand its remarkable healing properties. Several years ago, she had a severe ear infection that was not responding to the antibiotics prescribed for her. After reading about colostrum, she decided to give it a try. She purchased a bottle of it at a health food store. As she states, “Because the infection was so bad, I took six capsules and eight hours later, I took six more. Within hours, I could feel the stuffiness and inflammation subsiding. Twenty-four hours later, I could start to hear and I was feeling so much better. My energy and stamina also returned.” To this day she still takes her daily dose of colostrum.

Kate added, “As a naturopath, I have recommended colostrum to all my clients and am happy to say, most are taking it regularly and agree about its benefits to their immune systems. I would highly recommend colostrum for everyone who seeks a stronger immune system.”
~ Kate Montgomery, ND

“Here in our town of Cottage Grove, MN, a local minister had uncontrollable diabetes and was taking 3 insulin injections daily. I shared with him the benefits of colostrum and several months later he came back to me, convinced that something besides injections needed to be done. He purchased the colostrum, and within one week the miracle of healing kicked in. He no longer is giving himself insulin injections. Now, he will not go without colostrum to regulate his insulin secretion. He is totally convinced of the benefits of taking colostrum.”
~ Michael L. McCann, Ed.D, ND

“I am very interested in colostrum’s potential usefulness with auto-immune disorders. I am giving it to my wife who suffers from Crohn’s disease. She has been in remission for some time but has noticed even further improvement with colostrum. She will continue to use it. I will recommend it to appropriate patients.”
~ Raymond M., MD

Dr. Robert Y., MD, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by five doctors at Mayo Clinic, where he was sent home with prescriptions that cost nearly $1,000 a month – and not much hope. He said his most serious symptoms were “muscle aches, fatigue, a decline in mental alertness connected with his inability to sleep at night, and severe depression.” He tried colostrum, and after taking it for about one month, he said “people in my community would stop me on the street and ask what I was taking because I looked so much better.” He was able to stop taking all of his prescription medications, which were causing numerous side effects such as headaches, stomach pain and fatigue. He feels that “colostrum helps the body to do what it needs to do to heal.” Four months after he started taking colostrum, he felt his improvement had been 100%.
~ Dr. Robert Y., MD

A sixteen-year-old boy who was being treated unsuccessfully for colitis was given bovine colostrum by chiropractic nutritionist and kinesiologist Brent Wells, DC. Before starting colostrum, the patient was unable to keep food down and was suffering with diarrhea and stomach cramps. After only two weeks of taking Colostrum-LD, “he found himself eating normally with no pain, and no more diarrhea,” reports Dr. Wells.
~ Dr. Wells

Dr. Massner, DC has practiced holistic therapy for 36 years, specializing in gastrointestinal conditions. He recommends colostrum to his patients as part of the treatment protocol, since it “can restore bacterial harmony.” He adds, “With its (colostrum’s) growth factors, it can also heal the damaged cells throughout the intestinal tract. Healing this intestinal barrier is important since infectious pathogens (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi) and allergens can enter the body when it is in a compromised state.”
~ Dr. Massner, DC

Dr. Hynes, a naturopathic doctor in California, says “I am giving colostrum to hepatitis C patients.” Within two months of starting a patient on colostrum, his hepatitis viral load plummeted from 8 million to just 100. “Since the patient did not take treatment with anything else, this is convincing proof to me that bovine colostrum works synergistically in a combined nutritional protocol,” reports Dr. Hynes. He has gone on to successfully treat many more cases of hepatitis C with colostrum.
~ Dr. Hynes