Colostrum Benefits - PRO Colostrum-LD™

What are the Benefits of Colostrum: The Key to Sustained Wellness

Maintaining a healthy internal environment, particularly a functional gastrointestinal (GI) tract, is the basis for prevention, health, anti-aging, and longevity. One of the primary functions, if not the primary function, of colostrum is gut health.

Only PRO Colostrum-LD delivers the following benefits:

  • Cleanse and restore the harmonic balance in our GI tract, quickly, safely
  • Prevent and repair GI tract damage (Leaky gut) and keep it operating at its optimum level
  • Prevent toxins from passing through our GI system and creating internal destruction
  • Prevent our body from destroying connective tissue and vital organs
  • Repair immune function and bring it back into optimal balance
  • Destroy disease causing micro-organisms and help clean them out of our body
  • Restore cellular communication and function
  • Stimulate the repair and regeneration of body tissue
  • Activate Natural Killer cells and increase their activity up to 400%
  • Activate the production of disease prevention antibodies
  • Increase strength, stamina and cellular regeneration
  • Slow and help reverse the aging process
  • Stimulate stem cell activation and differentiation

Conditions Supported by PRO Colostrum-LD