Become a Provider

One-time Offer for First Time Providers.

For new providers, we are offering a One-time Trial Purchase of our new PRO Product lines before signing up as a PEP Provider. Just choose the products you wish to try with our standard minimum purchase and call our Professional Order Desk at 928.683.5759 to place your order.

Becoming a Sovereign Laboratories Provider

Sovereign Laboratories and WebToMed Systems™ have partnered to offer medical practitioners a unique and powerful combination of proven functional medicine with education-driven marketing. This easy-to-implement system drives optimal health outcomes for patients and provides significant wealth building opportunity for providers.

We want our partnership to be as much of a win-win for providers as it is for us to fulfill our mission of education and supporting optimal health for people of all ages.

We want to help providers serve patients better with our professional product line. These products are sold exclusively in the doctor’s office with direct delivery to patients. Although Sovereign Laboratories carries a retail version of these products, the PRO Line is only available to practitioners who sign up for the Practice Enhancement Program™ (PEP).

If you would like more information about PEP, please contact our Sales Manager, Drew Freidman at (480) 553-7768 or

If you have already elected to join PEP, you may download the licensing agreement below. This agreement is designed to provide you with a clear and concise understanding of our commitment to you and our expectation in representing our products to your patients.

Please return a signed copy either by email ( or fax (928) 862-4039.

We require that every Wholesale Provider become trained as a Colostrum Therapy Specialist. Wholesale Providers may purchase for their office, autoship or send patients to our online dispensary. Wholesale purchases shipped to you are not commissionable. PEP Providers receive a tablet preloaded with patient videos and a personalized website that refers new patients to you. This PEP SEO Service is free for the first month after which the cost is $250 per month. We also provide autoship forms, script pads and literature to help educate your patients on our products. Both programs provide Customer Service on our dedicated line for professionals - 928.683.5759. Please see further details in the Agreement.

Why the Advantages of the Practice Enhancement Program™ (PEP) are Worth It!

Sovereign Laboratories has designed PEP to offer medical practitioners a truly unique and powerful combination of proven functional medicine (PRO Colostrum-LD™) with education-driven marketing. This easy-to-implement system drives optimal health outcomes for patients and provides significant wealth-building opportunity for providers.

The PEP Advantage:

  • Helps providers educate existing patients about the importance of including PRO Colostrum-LD™ in their diets as a feasible way to manage and treat conditions liked to inflammation and leaky gut syndrome.
  • Helps providers establish themselves as experts in the use of bovine colostrum supplements for maximal health and well-being.
  • Helps providers utilize the power of the Internet to attract new patients seeking health and healing through a Certified Colostrum Therapy Specialist in their area.
  • Help providers build their practice and improve practice sustainability through a steady income stream.
  • Alleviates the need for inventory and save on valuable storage/shelf space.
  • Allows providers to decrease the overall number of supplements they sell.
  • Offers providers an exclusive to sell the PRO ColostrumLD™ line or Skin Inside line of products without competition from Sovereign Laboratories’ retail brand.

Cost of the Practice Enhancement Program™?

$1,495 initial investment in product and $250/monthly for hosting and SEO after the first month, plus any product cost. In other words, Sovereign Laboratories is making PEP the smart business decision so you can grow your practice quickly and efficiently at very little actual cost. As a consumable product, PRO Colostrum-LD™ provides ongoing income for you as well as ongoing health benefits for your patients. For more information, call the PEP PRO line at 928.683.5759.

Sovereign Laboratories is invested in the success of your practice and committed to helping you acquire new patients.

When you enroll in the PEP, and purchase an initial $1,500 in product of your choice, you will receive:

  • PEP Marketing Team poised to introduce your existing patients to the advantages of PRO Colostrum-LD through an Email Marketing Campaign.
  • An Online Educational Program for doctors and staff to become Certified Colostrum Therapy Specialists.
  • A comprehensive, personalized marketing and educational website that features 10 pages of content on conditions treated with the PRO Colostrum-LD™ products. SEO marketing with top online positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for Colostrum Therapy related keywords and geographic targeting of five neighborhoods, cities, or counties nearest your office for prospective patient referrals and practice building.
  • A pre-programmed tablet with educational videos for patients to watch once providers have prescribed PRO Colostrum-LD™. These explain the importance of supplementation for patient’s specific condition(s).
  • Recommendations for metabolic and inflammatory testing to assess and monitor patients’ progress.
  • Literature, product brochures, waiting room displays, and monthly email newsletter for patients.
  • We will track patient purchases through the autoship program to assure you are compensated and patients are staying in compliance.
  • PEP staff will monitor your program for optimization within your practice; if your practice needs some extra help with implementation, we’ll follow-up with your office staff.